Our Missions

The world is at the age of great transitions; urban, demographics, digital, ecological, economic and democratic, which combine and reinforce each other to create a future that is difficult to predict. Of all these transforming forces, however, the urban transition is the foundation that supports the whole building bloc. Indeed, cities are concentrating and will concentrate more and more diverse populations, economic activities with high added values, scientific, technological and innovation know-how. They are also places of great consumption of natural resources (raw materials, water and energy, etc.) that dictate the main trends at the national and global levels. But cities are also a key player in the degradation of the environment and climate, including the negative impacts of urban activities and consumption on biodiversity and climate change.

In order not to undergo these changes in progress, we must identify them, understand them and take advantage of their impacts; we must act. For this to happen, we will focus on researching and disseminating information, knowledge and practices on the cross-cutting role of urbanization in the accelerated changes underway.

Africa is the last continent in the world to begin its urban transition. It cannot participate fully in these great upheavals that are announced without its cities being functional, productive, competitive and sustainable.

Thus, the ambition of the Blogs is to contribute to the emergence of viable and livable cities in Africa, through three major missions:
1. Promote the critical role of cities in the economic, social and cultural transformation of countries;
2. Promote the major role of cities in achieving sustainable development;
3. Highlight the immense potential of digital technologies and services for effective management of cities with fewer resources and for greater quality of life for people.