Our Strategic Objectives

  1. Accelerate the awareness of the urban sector actors, political and economic decision-makers that the cities are the privileged places of localization of the industry which is the source of a greater productivity of the factors and transformation of the economies;
  2. Accelerate the awareness of policy makers that cities are the natural markets for agricultural production, and that this urban demand for food and raw materials, as well as access to cities’s markets, directly influence production levels, farmers’ incomes and the quality of life in rural areas. Right now, rural Africa cannot feed its urbanite; forecasts estimate that US $ 100 billion a year in food will be imported by Africa in 2025;
  3. Reinforce the awareness of States and Local Authorities that cities are artificial creations in constant construction and that a commitment of all instants and all the actors of the urban sector is essential to make them functional, productive, competitive, prosperous, secure, inclusive and sustainable. And that all cities around the world, regardless of their size and level of development, are competing to attract business, capital, talent and tourists.