Why This Blog ?

The world will switch to a new civilization before the end of the 21st century; “The Urban civilization”. Indeed, since the industrial revolution, the world has gradually moved from a world characterized by rural human settlements essentially, to a world dominated by urbanization, industrialization, immigration and globalization. This blog is therefore created to participate in the debate on the massive ongoing urbanization of the world, or the “urban revolution”; namely, the urbanization of the entire planet. This urban tectonics intervenes in the particular context of a double constraints at the global level ; the scarcity of non-renewable natural resources and the demand for sustainable development. While this wave will affect the African continent for the first time in its history, we will highlight the peculiarity of the phenomenon on the continent, search for the challenges and opportunities it brings, and provide a platform for expression, federating the different views and actions of urban actors across all African countries and around the world. The digital transition, equally new and unprecedented for the whole world, could encourage the emergence of innovative action tracks for effective management of the phenomenon.